Drawing on our extensive knowledge gained at racetracks all over the world and championships won on motorcycles and in cars, we became experts in mechanical tuning. We bring out the engine’s hidden power margin by fitting and balancing it properly, replacing some of its parts and adequately preparing its head.

High-performance tuning of Porsches

We specialize in preparing Porsche engines and transmissions for drivers competing in professional
racing series. We modify them by, among others, increasing the capacity of the GT3 Cup engine from 3.6 to 3.8 litres (with a possibility of achieving a capacity of 3.5-4.3 litres) and increasing the maximum power to 500 horsepower in unsupercharged engines.

One of the exceptional results of our work is the 550-horsepower engine with a capacity of 4 litres that can be found in Porsche GT3-R of Miro Konôpka.

We use the reliable original parts and spare subassemblies from Porsche and PANKL, as well as the
Akrapovic titanium exhaust systems.


Successes in a Porsche car

Teodor Myszkowski (owner of Teo Motors) and a Porsche car are a perfect duo. The engines and
transmissions prepared by Mr Myszkowski enabled him to achieve many successes – in 2008 he won the
Polish Championship, in 2010 he won the first Porsche Cup in Poland and in 2011, together with Miro Konôpka, he claimed four titles: the Polish, Slovakian, Czech and Central Europe Champion. At the end of his 15-year-long career, Mr Myszkowski became the European GT4 Champion and finished the Polish Championship as the 2nd runner-up. Currently, he uses his knowledge and experience to train drivers and prepare cars for racing series.

Experience in tuning Japanese Yamaha engines

We were the first in Poland to prepare a motorcycle that broke the magic barrier of 200 horsepower (at a capacity of 1,000 cm3) – Yamaha YZF-R1 from 2005, whose maximum power was increased by 40 horsepower. It was a significant event that secured our position in the field of motorcycle tuning and preparing motorcycles for racing.

In the 2010 season we prepared Yamaha R6 engines for Mateusz Korobacz, which allowed him to finish the Polish Superstock 600 Championship as the 2nd and 1st runner-up.

Using the engines he prepared, Teodor Myszkowski claimed three Polish Superbike Championship titles, the Central European Superbike Championship title and finished the Polish Superbike and Superstock championships as a runner-up.


Titanium Akrapovic

exhaust systems

We are an official distributor of Akrapovic sports exhaust systems in Poland. We provide professional consultancy, selection and assembly of the whole exhaust system.

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